(Formerly OrdiGrosLaval)

Our Company

Since 2004, our technicians and network administrators have been responsible for ensuring the security, optimization and daily management of your IT infrastructures.

« OG Solutions, an essential local ally for the proper functioning and security of your IT equipment»

For small and medium-sized businesses, IT asset management can prove to be an additional burden in the day-to-day management of the company.

By calling on our IT specialists, you could be guaranteed to obtain rapid assistance and above all without suffering a slowdown in your activity!

Whether you want to upgrade your IT infrastructure or protect yourself against future failures, the audit is an essential step.
At OG Solutions we always carry out a complete audit of equipment, in order to identify their strengths but also any improvements to be put in place.

For example:

Integration, installation, configuration and re-commissioning of your servers, routers, switches, NAS, computer workstations or any other related equipment in your fleet.

Not all SMEs have the same needs or the same budgets, at OG SOLUTIONS we attach the same importance to both nomadic and serverless SMEs as well as to established SMEs with a centralized structure.

Audit of your IT equipment

Verification of the IT infrastructure: systems, networks and equipment
Identification of potential weaknesses of the IS
Control of the configuration of workstations, servers and mailboxes
Review the availability of your servers
Analysis of the physical security of the system, backup solutions and data security

IT maintenance

Maintenance and updating of security devices, software and business applications
Cleaning your machines
Managing your servers
On-site intervention, remote maintenance and Real-time supervision
Resolution of your emergencies and technical incidents

Management and supervision

Administration of your servers
Administration of workstations and messaging (user assistance, installation, maintenance and resolution)
Manage copy and print devices
Network hardware equipment management
System monitoring (performance, disk space of servers, networks & applications, backups and databases)
Our ambition is to guarantee you peace of mind and increased productivity!
Our IT maintenance services in three words: PROXIMITY, EXPERTISE, and SPEED
Choosing OG Solutions means choosing a partner to keep your IT infrastructures in operational condition and prepare for the future of your SME.
More than a simple service provider, OG Solutions will support you in your digital transformation. Our experts will always advise you in order to optimize your infrastructures and your costs: choice of high-performance technologies, workstations adapted to your uses, Cloud solutions, and many other solutions…