Preventive maintenance

Periodic maintenance is strongly recommended in order to guarantee the stability of your system and to anticipate possible failures of your equipment. This will allow you to focus fully on your business without worrying about the efficiency of your equipment. You can have peace of mind, we will assist you periodically

Comprehensive antivirus protection

We will offer you a complete protection solution including an Antivirus and a very powerful Firewall. We know how bad the corporate firewall is indispensable now more than ever! It will allow you to maintain a security your computer network while controlling access to the various your business systems. Thus it will allow you to filter the flows between the web and your internal network while blocking all unwanted intrusions.

Complete backup of your data and system

It is strongly recommended to make backups of your system and your data periodically to ensure the security and retention of your data personal. We would be able to put in place together a policy of backup that will allow you to keep your important files and especially to be able to find them in the event of a hardware failure. The full backup of your system allows you to restore your files in case resettlement. You leave with a healthy, protected system and with the assurance of peace of mind.